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The first ever Chartwell Garden Calendar!

The first ever Chartwell Garden Calendar!

“A day away from Chartwell is a day wasted”. This famous quote from Sir Winston Churchill himself is often repeated here in his gardens by staff, volunteers and visitors alike. If you feel the same way as he did then I’m pleased to announce that you too can make every day a Chartwell day by owning one of our brand spanking new 2014 Chartwell Garden Calendars!

January 2014 by Alastair Gordon

January 2014
by Alastair Gordon

Regular readers of our blog may remember a post I published waaaaaaay back in the mists of time (aka March of this year) when I sent out a call to arms for all and sundry to submit their best photographs of our gardens for inclusion in such a calendar. (You can read that very blog post by clicking right here by the way). We received so many fantastic pictures from our visitors that the process of picking the winning entries was a very tricky one indeed. After much to’ing and fro’ing between us and National Trust head office, the pictures which were felt to best represent the twelve months of the year here at Chartwell were chosen and we are delighted with the final results. Commiserations go to anyone who entered out photography challenge and didn’t make it into the final calendar, but unfortunately there are only thirteen pictures that can be selected. If we run a similar competition next year please have another go!

September 2014 by Anthony Alderman

September 2014
by Anthony Alderman

The local press has also gotten wind of our efforts. Earlier in the year the Westerham Chronicle helped us publicise the competition, which you can see by clicking here and now they have published a follow up story about a presentation event we held with some of our super snappers. You can read that story online right here or click on the picture below:

The Westerham Chronicle October 31st, 2013

The Westerham Chronicle
October 31st, 2013

We think our calendars might make a cracking Christmas pressie but don’t worry if you can’t get to our shop between now and December 25th. The Chartwell Garden Calendar is available to buy online which you can do by clicking your mouse on this here link. Here’s to a (admittedly slightly preemptive) Happy New Year to every one of you!!

Check out this terrific trio!

Check out this terrific trio!

In other competition news here in the gardens, the results of our ‘Guess The Weight of the Pumpkin’ contest are in. We placed our largest Atlantic Giant pumpkin on a plinth in the Kitchen Garden earlier in October, as reported in this previous blog, and offered it as a prize to take home and carve up for the best guesstimator. In the end there were three joint winners who got pretty darn close to the actual weight of 47.6kg (or 7st 7lbs in old money) so we are offering our 2nd and 3rd heaviest halloween vegtables as trophies too! Bethany, Lisa and Pam will be coming in with a forklift truck soon to take their precious pumpkin prizes home!



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