July Jamboree!

Regular readers of this blog may or may not be aware that it is not the only blog that is produced here at Chartwell. The various heads of departments all take turns to produce a series of weekly entries called ‘Keep Calm And Carry On Blogging’. Last week our Head Gardener Giles had a chance to spend some time at the keyboard and produced a great piece (which you can read here) about how the recent awful “Summer” weather has affected the gardens here.

Now, while Giles is completely correct that things are a little out of kilter right now in terms of growing and blooming, I’m just here to reassure everyone that there is still plenty to see and enjoy in and amongst the various beds and borders! Once again I’ve decided to let my camera do the talking and show you some of the delights that you can expect to find the next time you come and visit us in the gardens at the home of Sir Winston Churchil…

Although not yet at full tilt, the Herbaceous Border in the Kitchen Garden is one of the main highlights here at the moment. If you look carefully you see a rare example of Matt hard at work in his pride and joy!

The other must-see area right now is Lady Churchill’s Rose Garden. There are still plenty of blooms to come, but the first flush is looking magnificent…

…as this close-up of our latest addition to the planting scheme in the Rose Garden, Rosa ‘Champagne Moment’, clearly shows.

Talking of roses, how about this Rosa ‘Seagull’ rambling around a pergola at the bottom of the Orchard slopes for floriferousness?!

And if you just can’t get enough of roses you simply have to check out the Golden Rose Avenue where the underplanting of Nepeta and Stachys also look stunning right now!

Along the Winter Border these Heuchera ‘Silver Scrolls’ plants are bursting into flower from inbetween the burgeoning Sedums and Hellebores.

At the front of the house this Sorbaria sorbifolia is emitting a scent that for some visitors recently was the “true smell of Summer”.

Plenty of other visitors have been admiring these clumps of Allium cernuum, or Nodding Onions, that can be found around the other side of the house.

The banks above the Croquet Lawn is the place to find this beautiful Cornus kousa var. chinensis shrub that should be covered in even more blooms by the time you read this.

Another flowering shrub currently in its pomp is the Philadelphus ‘Sybille’ which can be easily found in this colourful corner of the Rose Garden if you just follow your nose!

The Top Terrace is the place to hunt out this cheeky chap: Cuphea cyanea. Also sometimes referred to as the Shrimp Plant for some reason!

This amazing Eryngium variifolium also lives in the Top Terrace borders and is currently one of my favourite plants in the gardens. I just love the juxtaposition of the silvery spines and the purple flower heads.

This Kalmia latifolia ‘Clemtine Churchill’ is an important plant here at Chartwell because of its name. It can be found skulking in a bed on the outside of the Rose Garden, across from the Golden Orfe Pond. Those of you old enough to remember iced gems might find the flowers look a tad familiar!

Another classic favourite here at Chartwell is this lovely Penstemon ‘Alice Hindley’ which can be seen in the borders around the Old Croquest Lawn and various other spots around the gardens.

Even so called ‘bog standard’ plants like this bright and cheery Lavatera maritima

…and common self-seeded plants like this Linaria purpurea are adding plenty of colour to the gardens here right now.

Hopefully this tiny smattering of just some of the horticultural delights in the gardens at Chartwell at the moment will encourage you to come and pay us a visit soon. You never know, it might even stop raining for you!




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