Plant Identification

This week’s mystery guests…

I was on weekend duty this week, and as part of a set of regular tasks it was my job this time to select a series of plants for a Plant Ident. This new initiative is a way of encouraging both staff and volunteers alike to improve their plant knowledge of the myriad of delights within the gardens here at Chartwell. Plant identification is part and parcel of the life of any horticultural student or professional gardener. There is nothing more frustrating than when a visitor asks you what a particular plant is and you can’t give them an instant answer! There are over a million flowering plant species in the World, and as a gardener you will never stop learning new things each and every day. And that is part of the beauty of the job!

The picture at the top of this post shows the plants that I selected for identification this week, laid out on the table in our gardeners’ bothy. If you would like to play along then see if you can correctly identify the Genus, species and cultivar or variety of the following plants. Bonus points for common names and Family!

Plant No. 1

Plant No. 1 is found in the cut flower beds within the Kitchen Garden walls. The true identity of this plant can be found here.

Plant No. 2

Plant No. 2 lives at the top of the Cinderella Steps. To find out it’s identity, go here.

Plant No. 3

Plant No. 3 can be found on the Top Terrace here at Chartwell where you can experience amazing views over the Kent Weald. To see what it is, click here.

Plant No. 4

Plant No. 4 can be found in a couple of places around the Chartwell gardens, including the Kitchen Garden banks and up Jacob’s Ladder. Information on it can be seen here.

Plant No. 5

Plant No. 5 grows up the side of the house and can be viewed from the Main Terrace lawn. To see if your guess is correct, click right here.

Plant No. 6

At the top of the Winter Border is the place to see Plant No. 6. What do you think it is? Click here to see if you’re right!

OK, how did you do? 6 out of 6? Well, if you did then kudos to you! If there are any plants that you would like to have identified by our staff the next time you’re visiting Chartwell, then please don’t hesitate to ask and we’ll so our best to help you out…




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2 responses to “Plant Identification

  1. Louisa van den Berg

    Dear Jamie, would you be able to identify the highly perfumed mature trees which are on the lawn between the house and the studio. They have an ‘Acer’ type leaf and hanging white flowers. My parents visited on 7th August and would love to know what they are. Many thanks, Louisa van den Berg

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