Welcome To The Jungle!

When Tree Meets Axe...

I’m currently studying at Reaseheath College as part of my National Trust Careership course. I’m in my third and final year of this fantastic training scheme and the workload is really building up now. This week alone I’ve been writing about the likes of colour theory, crop rotation and The English Landscape movement! Now, obviously I’d rather be back in Kent with the rest of the gardeners at Chartwell, but today while I was sat at my desk I happened to have my favourite radio station on in the background: Planet Rock! One of the features on Planet Rock is called Listomania where listeners send in twelve rock songs linked by a common theme which the station then plays. So, putting 2 and 2 together and making 11 (a little Spinal Tap reference for all you rockers out there!) I decided to submit a gardening playlist! Here is what I came up with:

The Black Crowes – Evergreen
AC/DC – Beating Around The Bush
Tom Petty – Magnolia
Guns n Roses – The Garden
Fleetwood Mac – Bare Trees
The White Stripes – Blue Orchid
Pearl Jam – In My Tree
The Darkness – Growing On Me
Trouble – Memory’s Garden
Nick Drake – Man In A Shed
Kingdom Come – Just Like A Wild Rose
Eric Clapton – Let It Grow

If anyone can think of any other guitar-based gardening greats then please let us know. And if this horticultural hullabaloo does get played, they’ll hopefully give Chartwell a mention on the air. Therefore if you see any long-haired, demin-clad visitors the next time you’re at Chartwell, don’t be afraid!




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10 responses to “Welcome To The Jungle!

  1. AliG

    Here we go Jamie, let’s see if Planet Rock picks this thread up….
    Led Zeppelin – Ramble on
    The Rain Song
    Jeff Beck Rosebud
    Morning Dew
    Eric Clapton Come Rain or Come Shine
    Fall Like Rain
    Let it Grow
    Rambling on my Mind

  2. I’ve also just thought that ‘Ace of Spades’ by Motorhead should have been included! And of course ‘Stone Free’ by Jimi Hendrix!

  3. SJ

    Going a bit glam here…Poison ivy (Faster Pussycat)
    Pulling weeds (Faster Pussycat)
    New rose (Damned / Guns n Roses)
    Spiders web (LA Guns0
    Roses & Rings (Quireboys)
    California Sun (Ramones)
    Living in the rose (New Model Army)

  4. OK, how about:
    ‘Avant Garden’ by Aerosmith
    ‘Earth Mofo’ by The Cult…

  5. Gary Wednesday

    Jamie How about…
    Genesis – Nursery Cryme (strictly an album I Know)
    – One for the vine
    Marillion – Lavender
    Robert Plant – 29 Palms (Double whammy !)
    U2 – The Joshua Tree
    The Who – Pictures of Lily ( very tenuous !)

  6. AliG

    Hey, this is getting good –

    Rod Stewart with Jeff Beck – Morning Dew
    Rod Stewart with The Faces – I wish it would rain
    Fleetwood Mac – Landslide,
    – Rhiannon (or is that cheating?)

  7. Do I detect a prog-rock heritage there, Gary?

    Ali G, if we include ‘Rhiannon’ we should probably have something by Seasick Steve!

    Who would have thought that my blog with the most interest would be one with nothing to do with Chartwell or gardening?!!

  8. Gary Wednesday

    Child of the late 60’s early seventies I’m afraid Jamie.
    In your honour surely we should have something by James !
    As we seem to be drifting from purely rock music how about these by the Beatles – Norwegian Wood , Strawberry Fields and Octupus Garden !

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