R.I.P. Viola

Chickening out...

We had some sad news in the gardens at Chartwell this week, as one of the Kitchen Garden chickens passed away. Viola was one of six chickens introduced into the walled kitchen garden here to help keep pests and weeds down and also to provide us gardeners with some delicious eggs! Unfortunately Viola loved running wild amongst the beds and borders so much that she died whilst trying to get out from their large penned area where we keep them over night to protect them from any local foxes. No fowl play is suspected!

Viola will be missed by all of us here at Chartwell, especially Donna who runs the whole Kitchen Garden. If you see her looking a little down over the next few days, you will know why. One thing that will cheer us all up very soon though is the introduction of some ducks into the Kitchen Garden. They will be employed to nibble on any nasty bugs or weeds amongst the fruit and vegetables here, just like the chickens. In the mean time please come and have a look at the remaining five chickens under the Mulberry tree in the centre of Churchill’s impressive walled garden.




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5 responses to “R.I.P. Viola

  1. Donna

    Lovely words thanks jamie

  2. Rosalind Graham Hunt

    Dear Jamie

    Thank you for all you do for us so sorry about the chicken did you eat her?

    Yours ever
    Rosalind Graham Hunt
    Post Grad Dip Chaplaincy Surrey 07

  3. No we didn’t eat her! We generally chose these chickens for their eggs and not their meat. Plus she was quite small and getting on a bit. And more importantly, Donna would have killed us!!

  4. Duck eggs should help heal the wounds.

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