In Other News…

The Gardeners' Bothy

Regular readers of this blog will recognize the above picture as the Chartwell Bothy where us gardeners go to have a cup of tea, a bite to eat and a good old chin wag at break time and lunch time. This shot was taken back in the Summer and features much of the garden team staff and a smattering of our very helpful volunteers.

This morning Rhiannon, our Academy trainee, surprised us with a cake of the bothy that she had made from gingerbread! As you can see below, her talents stretch from the compost heap all the way to the kitchen! Fantastic stuff. And we can all vouch that it tasted as good as it looks! All I can say is that she certainly won’t have that much time on her hands when her RHS exams come around in June!

The Other Gardeners' Bothy!

As a little aside to this blog post, can I just point you towards another blog that my friend John writes? He is a fellow Careership trainee of mine, working at Hidcote, and when he came to visit me at Chartwell last year he wrote this little piece on what he saw:


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