All Mixed Up!

Like in many gardens around the country right now, some of the plants at Chartwell seem to be a little confused at the moment! This is most likely all due to the very warm spell we had back in the Spring, the relatively poor Summer and then the unfeasibly warm Autumn we have been experiencing since September. There are plants in flower that shouldn’t really be out yet and there are plants still flowering that we would normally have expected to have gone over already. The roses at Chartwell are putting on an extended display this year while the Hellebores have been flowering since as early as August! Here are just some of the other examples of our crazy, mixed up plants:

This Camellia x cuspidata 'Cornish Snow' has been in flower for weeks on the Top Terrace, when we would usually see it just before Christmas...

...while this stunning Rhododendron behind the Golden Orfe Pond is even further ahead of itself!

We have only just cut back the Gunnera manicata, placing some of the removed foliage on top of the crowns to protect them from frost and snow. This would normally have been done weeks ago.

Doing this revealed these Leucojum vernum stunners doing their thing, fully four months before we would usually see them!

This Cobaea scandens climber on the Top Terrace is frost tender. It is therefore surprising but very exciting to see it still in full flower at the end on November!

These are just a few examples of the plants that are doing unexpected things in the garden this year. While we don’t yet know what effect this will have on them through Winter and into next Spring, it does mean that now is a great time to come to Chartwell and see them in all their unusual glory!

There are also a great number of interesting fungi examples throughout the gardens right now. This is once more unusually late due the mild Autumn we are currently enjoying. Some of the best can be seen below. We’ve had a go at identifying them but if anyone out there thinks they could do a better job then please get in touch with us!

These cute Sulphur Tufts can be found on the Kitchen Garden banks...

...while these amazing Fly Agaric command a great view over Churchill's swimming pool...

...and we think these beauties hiding behind the smaller of our two Crytomeria japonica trees might be Greasy Tough Shanks (aka Butter Caps)!


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  1. Just made a slight change to this blog post. The Camellia that we thought was Camellia japonica ‘Alba Simplex’ turns out to be Camellia x cuspidata ‘Cornish Snow’. And we have Val Anderson, Head Gardener at Anthony, to thank for that information. Cheers Val!

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