Featured Plant No. 1 – Nerine bowdenii

Nerine bowdenii in the Kitchen Garden

One of the most stunning plants to be found at Chartwell at the moment is this dazzling Nerine bowdenii.  It can be spotted in various places around the gardens including the Kitchen Garden, outside the Exhibition Room and on the Marlborough Terrace.  Originally from South Africa, this bulbous perennial flowers prolifically in Autumn with the pink blooms really catching the eye on a dull day.  This Nerine is also slightly scented which only adds to its attraction.  It is fully hardy so can be considered a welcome addition to most gardens.  To get the best out of it, plant it in full sun, watering if necessary when it is in active growth but keep it warm and dry when its dormant during the Summer.  Those pesky slugs can sometimes take a fancy to the Nerine but if the soil is sun baked and dry, this shouldn’t be a problem. Come to Chartwell and see it for yourself…



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